An Excellent Open Letter to Oprah Winfrey About Michelle Rhee

The first three paragraphs, written by ‘Conducting the Inner Light’:

“I learned today, in the Washington Post online blog DeBonis by Mike Debonis, that you are going to have Michelle Rhee on your show on September 20th. I understand this is to highlight the new movie Waiting for Superman and that you will also have the director, Davis Guggenheim, and Bill Gates on the show as well.  All this as a platform for educational reform – or at least the kind of reform that Rhee claims to make.  I hope you will ask Ms. Rhee a few harder questions about her “accomplishments” before you give her such a huge stage on which to tout herself.

“Even better, you might come down to the district and record some observations by the people most affected by her “miracles”.  You could start with the teachers.  How about asking us what it feels like in our buildings, the level of stress, the resentment that is growing in our buildings from IMPACT and the way it is used, the lack of real support that we are not getting, the false claims that Rhee makes about scores and what she has done while she fires too many of our worthy colleagues (meanwhile leaving the very type of teacher she claimed she wanted the system rid of still in place).

“Talk to the students in our various schools.  Talk to the students at Eastern and Anacostia High Schools, talk to the students at Hardy, talk to students in many of the schools where Rhee has left anger and frustration because she ignored the community of that school and did what she wanted.  Ask her why she has put educators in prominent administrative positions at Hardy Middle School who lack the proper credentials to be in our schools.  Ask her why she focused on already successful schools, removing their principals on the shallowest of reasons and ensuring the failure of those schools by her actions.”

Read the rest of the article here: (this is the full URL)

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