OK, I’m getting nervous…

Lower than expected primary election turnout?

It’s nearly 3 hours after the polls closed and the DC Board of Elections and Ethics hasn’t yet posted a single result in the DC primary?

I know that US ally Karzai managed to steal an entire election, making up millions of fictitious ballots in districts of Afghanistan where not a single voter could safely go to the polls. I have read of US enemy Ahmedinejad in Iran doing the same sort of thing, with modifications, apparently wiping out nearly every single opposition vote. In Iraq, even though the election results may have perhaps been un-faked, there is still no new government, nearly a year after the last national elections, because the parties refuse to agree on anything.

In many American cities over the past 230 years or so, stealing elections was almost a competitive, spectator sport. In the American South, a very large group of people was systematically disenfranchised (even after they had ceased to be considered as chattel property of others) by means both extra-legal and very much within the legal code of the day.

Will Fenty manage to finesse, or steal, this election?

I sure hope not.

ADDENDUM: as of 10:58 PM on 9-14-2010, BOEE says that Fenty is ahead, 58% to 40%. I screamed with indignation and disbelief until I noticed that this only amounted to some 3,171 votes out of a total possible 336,312 total Democratic registered voters – i.e., less than one percent of the possible electorate. I have no idea how many folks actually voted, but I thought that the number of early voters (like me) added up to a whole lot more than three thousand ballots….

PS: So far (as of 11:04), BOEE has counted some ballots from wards 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5; none at all from wards 6, 7, or 8.

As expected, the votes in Wards 2 and 3 are overwhelmingly for Fenty. In Ward 5 (mine), it’s overwhelmingly for Gray. Ward 1, so far, is evenly divided.

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  1. I hope you are posting from Th Gray party where I am.


    • Nah, I went home after doing some work and instruction at the telescope-makign workshop. What do you all hear there?


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