Results of Election

Well, Gray has apparently won the DC Democratic mayoral primary (which essentially means he will be the next mayor), by a vote of about 59,285 to 50,850, or roughly 53% to 46%, according to the DC BOEE (link is here: However, there are still about 15 precincts uncounted in that total, out of roughly 143 precincts in the city. Apparently the BOEE stopped  updating its interactive website at some point this morning, so if you go to the website I gave at about 1 or 2 this morning, you won’t get accurate data.

I am wondering: did the poll workers just all get tired and go to bed?


More importantly: will Michelle Rhee keep her promise and take a hike? I am fearful that she will remain, and will continue to wreak her mendacious and destructive policies upon DCPS. Or that someone who wants to continue her policies will take her place.

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  1. I think Gray is smart enough to try and keep her around for the rest of the school year and work on a strong transition. It will serve two purposes, smooth transition is good for the system and to let this year’s data show even more clearly than last that she has bent the curve downward after years of gains. Don’t really know what he is thinking.


  2. He can keep her around, but won’t be able to lead the way she wants to.


  3. Gray never promised to dump her. Only the WTU were naive enough to think so and dump money into Gray’s campaign. In fact, Gray described a course that is pretty much the same as Fenty’s but with less secrecy and less worship of a single person. Sounds pretty reasonable to me. That’s why I voted for him.


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