From Gary Imhoff at DC Watch:

“…Gray needs to give up on convincing voters who have bought into Rhee’s rhetoric that teachers, especially experienced teachers, are the enemies of their children’s education. These are the people who assumed the incompetence of teachers and were thrilled by Rhee’s mass firings of teachers; they will not be reconciled to any successor to Rhee who treats teachers with respect.

“… Gray [also] needs to remind voters that Fenty and he have been on essentially the same page with regard to schools. As I have written repeatedly, Fenty and Gray differ substantively on few issues, and they agree on the mayoral takeover of schools. I think it’s a bad idea to put big-city mayors in charge of school systems, and I think it’s a fad that will last only twenty or thirty years, with a gradual return to putting democratically elected school boards back in charge of running children’s education. But Fenty and Gray agreed. Unfortunately, I believe Gray when he says we won’t see a new direction in public education under him. I can only hope that I can believe him when he also says he’s determined that either Rhee, if against all odds she stays, or a new chancellor of schools, will have to show a new willingness to listen to and work with teachers, students, and parents.”

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  1. Great entry Guy. While I am happy that Vince Gray won, I think we all need to remember that Gray is still a politician. I supported All But Fenty, but recognize that we the people must hold all politicians accountable. Let’s not get comfortable because Fenty will soon be out of office. We must hold Gray to his campaign promises. Education stakeholders must demand their place at the table. Who knows better than teachers and school personnel who work in the trenches everyday. Let’s make sure our voices our heard. Otherwise we’ll soon be saying All But Gray.


    • Gee, does this mean that as union members we won’t be able to control everything, the way that the right-wing advocates claim we do? (that was sarcasm, boys and girls) Back to seriousness. You make an excellent point.


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