Some recent quotes that I like:

Rhee is no messiah. I don’t expect any chancellor to be a messiah. I also know what I want for my child is better than what both Rhee and DCPS has to offer. It’s not 20 years backwards, but 20 years forward. Rhee cannot get us there. How can she, when she has made so many enemies and has personally become the distraction. The leader cannot be the distraction.

Thanks for this perfect example of the phenomenon at work: Remember. Everything’s about Rhee. Forget about the necessary reforms. We won’t even talk about that. Rhee’s personally unpalatable. That’s all that matters.


“Rhee is the whirling dervish of hype and propaganda, with little to nothing to show for it.

“I hope all the people who blindly adored this education leader will take their blinders off and embrace a real educator whoever it is, to replace her.”


Written by Anonymous, on some sort of electronic bulletin board for ward 3 (


Writer A: “Most DCPS parents support Rhee because they realize she’s the best hope for turning around the system.”

Writer B: “Um, no. That’s what the Jay Mathews keeps repeating, but there is absolutely no evidence for this statement.   I’m a DCPS parent. I want change. Rhee ruined the things that worked at my child’s school and drove out good teachers and administrators. It’s not so much to ask that we have a school leader that, I don’t know, actually has so[me] experience in the field of education. Is it?


I think you’re misunderstanding. The pp named a particular characteristic of Rhee–her tendancy to alienate those she needs as allies–as a reason that she’s not the appropriate leader going forward.

I know I’m not the only person who thinks that Rhee has done some good things, but can’t be counted on to finish the job.


I hear this too much[:] ‘I like my new playground / facility, which was built under Rhee. Said facility was also built during the hottest summer on record. It was built in a year my sister had twins. The new school was built during the Chinese Year of the Golden Tiger.’

The golden tiger and my twin nieces didn’t bring you Stoddert’s new building, or Deal’s, or Eaton’s playground … and neither did Rhee.


My girlfriend is a teacher at one of the top performing schools and she seems to think that the divide among teachers is by generation. Younger teachers seem to love Rhee, older ones, not so much. Friend is highly qualified and she is doing extremely well under the assessments. She also said that the reason why most teachers are getting fired is because they are really, really bad. The teachers that fail the assessments are failing parts that even non-teachers should get correct.

/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

Not so in our school. The younger teachers are feeling more disillusioned and disgusted with Rhee than the veterans. These are idealistic young people who have no ax to grind. If you want to see the real effects of Rhee, walk around in a school during DC-BAS, DIBELS, and TRC. It’s such a time suck. And for what? Seriously silly data.

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  1. “Most DCPS parents support Rhee because they realize she’s the best hope for turning around the system.”

    It’s incredible that anyone would say this. How many white kids are in DCPS? 5%, a couple thousand at most?

    I don’t think anyone would say that most black parents support Rhee. The election made that resoundingly clear. This is just patently wrong no matter how you slice it. Maybe most white voters without kids in DCPS support Rhee, but that’s not at all the same thing.


  2. Good use of comments to answer other comments. We must keep punching holes in the propaganda that Rhee made substantial improvements to our system. Michelle Rhee is the Potemkin Village of education. When the dust finally settles her “improvements” will be seen to be no more than propped up facades devoid of any real depth. You have been doing and excellent job, Guy, of using the data to show her lies. The people I see supporting Michelle Rhee, at my school (there are a few parents and teachers)are usually people who haven’t a clue to what has happened in other parts of the city. They look at their own school, feel the trains are running on time, and are happy with that – end of discussion. The computers are always working (not really true but for some reason this myth persists), their paycheck is always there (even though they never missed a paycheck before Rhee), and the scores are up (well, we know the truth of the scores thanks to you and Chris Bergfalk). Most of the people who spout these things do not do an ounce of digging to discover anything for themselves that will destroy the illusion they have of the “warrior woman”. These people are willing to sacrifice the true progress our schools need to make for a charlatan, a total illusion. That is pathetic.


  3. Great entry Guy. We also have to keep in mind that Rhee has trolls who give her good P.R. on many of these sites. Some even work for DCPS in the central office so I am skeptical that some of these commenters are actually parents. Many of our DCPS employees have been disillusioned with Rhee whose primary goal as stated in her education plan was to fire a significant share of her work force even without regard to their work performance. Rhee’s meat axe approach to school reform has been counterproductive. I am sure when there is an independent audit of our schools we will see that the progress is not what Rhee claims. You have done a great job dispelling that myth here on your blog Guy. While DCPS has made progress- these efforts began before Rhee arrived. Unfortunately we were never given credit for anything due to the mainstream press here in DC. For this reason, bloggers will need to continue to tell the other side of the story and what is happening in education refrom. Reform will continue under Gray. First we must put a period at the end of the Fenty regime and give Gray a chance to be successful. Gray will need all of our help including parents, community, teachers and school personnel.

    Hope you will check out my blog and the picture of Gray and Rhee which is worth a thousand words and weigh in with your comments. Thanks,

    Candi Peterson
    The Washington Teacher


    • Trolls, huh? I saw someone on one list call someone else a “teacher troll” because that person was critical of Rhee. Wow.


  4. healing heroes

    Some recent quotes that I like: | GFBrandenburg’s Blog


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