Some really, really weird quotes and exchanges from DCUrbanMom

These all come from a totally anonymous recent discussion about the weirded-out images and video right after Gray and Rhee met. I didn’t write any of them. Some of these comments are really, really strange. I wonder what century they think they are living in.


“The people who voted against Fenty don’t give a damn about the kids. The demographic of Gray supporters overwhelming either had no children at all or had children in private schools or charter schools. The welfare of DCPS kids was not on their radar. They will continue to deny this, but it is patently obvious. As usual, the greedy, shortsighted, plantation mentality has prevailed in Washington, DC.”


“Not a single person who voted for Gray wants DC’s schools to improve. You know this as fact.”


“No. I don’t know that. But I know it was not the primary motivator for their voting allegiance. Voting trends can be analyzed according to the factors such marital status, economic status, race, school enrollment, etc. You don’t really think a person has to be a mind reader to surmise and analyze voting patterns, do you?”


“The only information on school enrollment and voting preference that I’m aware of is the City Paper poll, which I believe had a sample of only 84 public school parents. Do you have another source with a larger sample size?”


“In the bad school districts the population is more concerned about DCPS as an employer, than as an educator of their children. This is a racial and cultural fact of life. There is a pervasive anti-intellectualism in the poorer districts and it has a direct correlation to poorer school performance. AA’s who voted against Fenty were motivated by the loss of jobs by AA teachers, custodians and the like. AA’s in this city have behaved like Tea Baggers and have allowed prejudice to sway them to vote against their direct interest. It is horrific.”


“Oh get real. I’m white, I have a PhD, I care deeply about education and I voted against Fenty (for a myriad of reasons, including Rhee). Her scorched earth policies haven’t yielded any significant improvement and she’s creating an environment that’s toxic enough to drive some of the best teachers out of DCPS. Reiner, Siebens, Martel, Brandenburg, “the Reflective Educator” have been some of the casualties.

“And it’s just plain racist to claim that black voters in DC don’t care about education. Their kids/schools have suffered the most under Rhee — the level of churn we’re experiencing is just stunning and it’s no basis for reform.

“It hasn’t been a purge or a re-education process, it’s more like Rhee channeling the Red Queen and yelling ‘off with their head'” whenever anything doesn’t go as she’d planned. And it never does go as she planned because she doesn’t know WTF she’s doing.”


“I’m a DCPS parent. I care. It got worse, much worse under Rhee. I think Gray has been incredibly classy throughout this process and Rhee has behaved badly. Of course she’s behaved badly the entire time she was in DC, which made her a media darling.

“Bottom line: she hurt my child’s school. I want her gone.”


“Really?! Are your kids in private school or a charter or Catholic? If so, you don’t have a dog in this fight and as far as I’m concerned your motivation is highly suspect. Once the plantation chaos is restored it is patently obvious who will really be in control. And it won’t be black folks. You are fooling no one.
“And I didn’t say that the black voters don’t care about education. I said black voters are primarily motivated by their direct employment in the school system. And the perception that there aren’t enough AA’s in visible positions of power in the city. (the latter argument may be true)And there is a persistent culture of anti-school achievement in the black community. That is not a racist statement. It is a sad rality that a kid who strives to assimilate into high academic achievement is ostracized for ‘acting white’. You have no idea how deep and wide this attitude still is within the black community, because, well, you’re white.”


“You’ve begged the question of what Rhee has done to improve the education that DCPS provides to black students. Explain just how she was extricating them from the plantation chaos.

“And you don’t have to have a kid in DCPS to have a dog in this fight. Though if you did, Fenty would have been even more resoundingly defeated. Rhee’s biggest fan base seems to be people who don’t have kids in DCPS and whose perspective on DCPS is largely shaped by the Post.”


“This is so wrong. On so many levels. Stop playing devil’s advocate. Literally.”


“…in many ways, Rhee’s biggest fan base is the stroller set that got the gift of free three and four year old programs. For all these people who over extended themselves on a Capitol Hill rowhouse in 2007, she really has been a ‘warrior woman.’ (ThinK of the nanny and daycare costs saved! She answers my email! She loves me! She really, really loves me!)

“It’s a crack up though, to those of us who have had children in the system for more than a hot minute. Once little Emma and Jack get to a testing grade and they realize that the test is the curriculum, these same Rhee supporters will flee the city.

“Data driven means your child will be tested until they drop, until they despise school and learning. Arts, PE, Language, music and anything else that inspires a love of learning will be shoved out the door for the DC-CAS.

“And for those of us, both black and white, who really believe in public education or have no other choice, well, we’ll be stuck once again. Waiting. Thanks Michelle. You’re a rock star.”


“Whatever, teacher troll or other transparently cloaked special interest person.”


“This is why Rhee looked shaken after the meeting with Gray: She had just spent 90 minutes getting a very clear picture of how woefully inadequate Gray’s grasp of education issues is and got a tutorial on his education plan that she probably regarded as nauseatingly naive.

“I doubt HE did anything to her but reaffirm her worst fears…thus the strange body language. Like watching an airplane fall out of the sky.”


“Thank you. Exactly.”


“It’s simple: Rhee expected to be fired. Instead she found out she has to stick around until her contract ends. If she quits she gives up about $120K and her Woman Warrior credibility. Love him or hate him you can be sure that Gray has participated in thousands of interagency/neighborhood turf battles over the years and Rhee had little administrative/managerial experience before her appointment. This wasn’t even a fair fight.”


“How clueless are you? Gray was not going to fire Rhee in that meeting. Neither side can do anything at this point without losing tremendous political face. Gray is a lightweight jackass, but he does understand that much.”


“…see why you like Rhee. You mistake impatience and nastiness for intelligence and competence.”


“I do not get the Gray-bashing. Have you listened to him in debates and on radio shows since the election. I voted for Fenty, but think Gray is a respectable alternative. Let’s give the man a chance.”


“agreed. I voted for Gray but would have been ok with either outcome. Rhee, on the other hand, has demonstrated behaviour that would surely fail an IMPACT evaluation.”

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