Amazingly good article by Valerie Strauss

I wish I could write as well as Valerie Strauss of the Washington Post. Here is what I wrote in praise of her 9-30-2010 on-line article which summed up quite well what is wrong with current Federal government plans for education ‘reformand with the way that most of the media have fallen in line behind a series of myths and are portraying them as reality.

” Valerie’s article is one of the most lucid exposition of the problems we are having in education that I have ever seen. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

“Some of the various on-line comments were also quite good, but I thought that the way VS showed how current national educational policy is going in precisely the wrong direction was marvelously lucid.

“So good, in fact, and so contrary to everything that the WaPo editorial board supports, that I am amazed that she still has a job.

“Bravo, Ms. Strauss!”

Let me add that I bet that of the pundits, editorial boards, billionaires, or high education officials who are attempting to destroy public education as we know it, close to 99% NEVER have had their kids in in a low-income, low-achieving public school, nor have ever tried to work in one. Michelle Rhee’s claim to fame is that she actually did – unlike almost of the rest of her gang of educational misleaders – but she came away with views on education which are almost diametrically opposed to those of almost all other teachers. But MR’s views match wonderfully well with those of the Gateses, the Waltons, the Broads, and the editorial board of the Washington Post. (Which means that after MR leaves Washington, DC, she will become extremely wealthy, too!) And, as VS demonstrates so well, those views are simply WRONG.

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  1. Thanks, GFBrandenberg. I left a comment under my WP name, 1Citizen.


  2. BTW, I think the clock on your blog is a little off. It is actually October 2, 2010 8:06 pm.


  3. I have no idea why the clock on this is so far off.


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