Notes on the Teachers’ Unions in DC and Baltimore

My wife is still a voting WTU member, and I looked at the four slates that were described in the mailing that came to our house. I am a bit disappointed, and I am also fearful that due to the fact that there are three slates running against the utterly incompetent and undemocratic George Parker, they will probably siphon votes from each other, and thus, Parker will earn yet another undeserved term.

All of the other slates have some folks with some integrity, and some people I know nothing about. I wish they had coalesced their forces, no matter how much they may have needed to hold their noses about some matter or the other.

On a similar note, it is wonderful to see that our brother and sister teachers in Baltimore, MD had the courage to reject the Rhee-like contract that Andres Alonso, the school chief there, had tried to get them to agree to. They were wise enough to see that the bonuses that were promised were merely mirages. Here is an article in the Baltimore Sun on the matter.


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  1. Guy: There is a possibility that you did not mention that there will be a run-off of the top two candidates. This happened back about 6 years ago there was a runoff election and the vote was actually very close as there was only a 6 point difference in the two slates.

    The publication which came out to union members only allowed 150 words which is not really sufficient to discuss a platform. I think we all agree that Parker is not right for our union and under his dictatorial helm- this union will be doomed in the next three years. I strongly encourage teachers and school personnel to vote. If you didn’t get a ballot, please call AAA @ 800-273-0726. Teachers/school personnel who were on the payroll as of June 30, 2010 are eligible to vote.

    I am running for WTU General Vice President on Nathan Saunders slate. I have been writing The Washington teacher blog for two years now which is an online voice for teachers and school personnel. Check out our campaign website @ and The Washington Teacher blog @ for more information. If you have questions about what we stand for- just ask. Thanks,

    Candi Peterson
    AKA The Washington Teacher blogger in residence


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