Why teachers fall behind

I was thinking about how hard I had to work at my last school, and decided to make a little spreadsheet to add it all up. I used to wonder why it was that I always seemed to fall behind. It wasn’t because I was lazy, I discovered. It was because the work load was utterly overwhelming, and impossible to manage. Here is what I came up with.

This is sort of a bare minimum. Nobody can be expected to work 16-hour days, day in, day out. It’s not humanly possible.

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  1. Bless you man. Here I thought it was just me staying up to all hours of the morning reading papers over and over again–searching for signs of growth and areas needed revisiting. Without question, this is the hardest job I have ever undertaken, and I ran a business for fifteen years. See more on my experiences at teachermandc.com. Thanks for all you do.


  2. Yeah, it’s an unbelievably demanding job. Note that I gave what I would think was a ‘bare minimum’. Obviously I couldn’t keep it up all the time, so corners had to be cut. I won’t say which ones, because it would vary from week to week.

    It should not be the case that teachers have to do the equivalent of two full-time jobs to do a ‘bare minimum’. It’s absolutely insane. And believe me, teachers in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Finland, and other countries that score higher than the US overall on the PISA, don’t work nearly as many hours as American teachers do.


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