Welcome to the world of the Super-Rich — and to the other world, where the rest of us live

Valerie Strauss has an interesting piece today, written by a middle-class parent who had the opportunity to go to a meeting of some hyper-rich people in New York City having to do with setting up yet another extremely expensive private school in Manhattan for their own privileged children.

The writer draws a number of contrasts with the education of the vast majority of NYC schoolchildren, who attend the public schools.

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  1. I was a product of NYC public schools until 6th grade. It was a HUGE culture shock to then go to private school and realize how little I had learned compared to public school: virtually no geography, limited spelling tests and math. I felt like a complete idiot till I caught up. That was way more years ago than I care to admit, and things are much, much worse today in public NYC schools. What the heck are they doing with all the taxes I pay to live here?


    • Well, I went to Montgomery County Public Schools and District of Columbia Public Schools up through grade 9, and then went to a well-known New England boarding prep school on a scholarship. I found I had no problem there academically, and in fact I found that I did a lot better than the ‘legacy’ types who were coasting by on the fact that they were the third generation of a very wealthy family to go to that school.
      So, one’s mileage may vary.


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