“The Failure to Address Chronically Disruptive Students”

Excellent post on some of the really pressing problems with student discipline and how this situation affects many TFA teachers. You can find it here. The author points out that it’s only a small minority of the student population that causes problems, but that school administrations (all the way up to superintendents and school boards) of many of our inner-city, low-income school districts absolutely refuse to do anything about it, and hence condemn the rest of the students (and of course the teachers, too) to a school year of almost complete chaos.

The school administrators instead pass the responsibility to the teacher, who is nearly powerless to do anything at all without administrative support.

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  1. These are the same kids that get pushed out of charters back to DCPS. They keep the money and we get the problems.


  2. So what’s the solution?


    • Be consistent. Don’t change the rules based on whims on who the student is or who their parents are. Use the rules that the teachers spent so much time putting together. Follow through on the consequences that were spelled out in those rules. Make sure that parents get involved.


  3. Point of detail:

    You say he says it’s “only a small minority” that “causes problems.”

    But he says it’s 15-25% who are “chronically” disruptive.

    15-25% is a lot of “chronically” disruptive students; shall we imagine that another 25% are sometimes disruptive?


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