Another Look at Rhee’s Latest Inflated (and False) Claims

Look at this analysis from the Albert Shanker Institute:

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  1. Almost surely, Shanker is wrong is his guess about one of Rhee’s claims–her claim that DC had been “the worst performing school district in the country” before she took charge. What does Rhee mean by that claim? She has frequently made that claim in the past, tying it to DC’s scores on the NAEP, a possibility Shanker dismisses. Last October, for example, Fenty and Rhee co-authored an article in the Post Outlook section in which they made this self-glorying claim:

    “We’ve made tremendous strides. On the nation’s gold standard, the National Assessment of Educational Progress, we’ve gone from being the worst-performing school district in the country to a force of 46,000 children who lead the nation in gains…”

    As a rational person, Shanker assumes she can’t be referring to the NAEP, since only 11 city districts were actually tracked by that program in the years to which Rhee refers. But that is plainly what Rhee has meant when she’s made this claim in the past.

    Simply put, Rhee is a PR/BS machine. The machine exists to imvent and serve pap. Shanker’s traditional standards of rational conduct simply don’t apply here.


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