Collective Bargaining?

A recnt post on Concerned4DCPS by ‘Susan'”

“I’m eager to hear from my sisters and brother, who are plop in the middle of the Wisconsin situation. One sister, one of the best teachers ever made and a strong supporter of collective bargaining as it as worked there, was particularly worried about her little students who would not have food without school.

I wanted to raise up a point that has come up out there, which I take to be support for community collaboration with teachers and “management”:

“Only five states do not allow collective bargaining for educators. Those states and their ranking on ACT/SAT scores: South Carolina, 50th; North Carolina, 49th; Georgia, 48th; Texas, 47th; Virginia, 44th.

“Wisconsin, with its collective bargaining for teachers, is 2nd.”

(PS: if you want to verify those rankings, look here.)


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  1. says A LOT!


  2. This is not a correct quote. It needs to be corrected. I think the scores are pretty bad and don’t need any help. I believe VA is 34 not 44.


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