More on Rhee’s Gap: Black-White-Hispanic, 4th grade

Here are a few more graphs and charts that show how striking Michelle Rhee’s new achievement gap.

First, the overall chart showing how black, white, and hispanic fourth-graders averaged on the NAEP in math in the nation as a whole, in all large cities, and in DCPS:

Now let’s look at the differences between black and white students in all three regions, over this period of time. This time, it’s both a table and a graph:

Notice that until Michelle Rhee came to DC, we were actually starting to make some progress in closing the gap. Since her arrival, the gap has widened again to what it used to be.

Now let’s look at the gaps between whites and hispanics on the same test, same locations, same time period:

Again, in DC we were starting to make significant progress in closing the gap – until Michelle Rhee was plucked from a richly deserved obscurity to become the un-accountable Chancellor of DC Public Schools.

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  2. interesting, I was trying to work out something like this just yesterday but I got stumpped by “scaled score”–what is that?
    The other thing I wanted to know is how many DCPS schools are in what level of the In Need of Improvement scheme and how did that change over time but the OSSE site with that info is really convoluted and discouraging–have you a blog on those?


    • The failing or needs improvement or in restructuring labels are not a fair way to evaluate the schools, unfortunately because congress keeps raising the bar — and in three years the bar will be so high that no school anywhere will be able to pass– except for a tiny handful of highly selective schools for those extremely gifted in math and literature both.


  3. Good evening Guy,

    First and foremost, thank you for all the work you do. I was wondering if you could dig into why DC doesn’t have any NAEP science data posted for 2009. Thank you.



    • Supposedly dc didn’t meet NAEP ‘s own reporting requirements , but I don’t really know what that means.


  4. As always, Guy, thank you for your outstanding work.

    Sadly, I think that Rhee was chosen to hasten the destruction of the DCPS. Her backers aren’t interested in truly educating children, but they have the money and the ear of the politicians. How tragic that the children and their dedicated teachers pay the price for this educational deform.

    What can we, as interested citizens do?


    • She did quite a good job of reducing the population of DCPS during her tenure. And she sure has demoralized most of the teachers.


  5. […] years were no better than the terms of the two previous superintendents. Others contend that previous gains may have been set back by Rhee’s […]


  6. […] years were no better than the terms of the two previous superintendents. Others contend that previous gains may have been set back by Rhee’s […]


  7. […] I have shown repeatedly (see here, here, here, here, and here for starters. Or else here) DC has the widest gap of the entire USA between the scores of poor kids vs the non-poor, between […]


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