How a Handful of Billionaires Run Public Education in the USA

An excellent article in Dissent magazine.

A quote:

“Can anything stop the foundation enablers? After five or ten more years, the mess they’re making in public schooling might be so undeniable that they’ll say, “Oops, that didn’t work” and step aside. But the damage might be irreparable: thousands of closed schools, worse conditions in those left open, an extreme degree of “teaching to the test,” demoralized teachers, rampant corruption by private management companies, thousands of failed charter schools, and more low-income kids without a good education. Who could possibly clean up the mess?

“All children should have access to a good public school. And public schools should be run by officials who answer to the voters. Gates, Broad, and Walton answer to no one.”

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  1. One of the eye-openers for me has been tracking the “reformers” who represent Eli Broad and Bill Gates. They infiltrate public school systems with a plan to privatize education and to convince a naive public that public education is failing so that schools can be closed, mayors can take control without oversight. and education privatized to meet the needs of a corporate world. Although some of these “administrators who present themselves as reformers” have degrees in education unlike DC Chancellor Michelle Rhee, many who are shaping public policy such as Arne Duncan and Wendy Koop lack an inexperience, training or genuine interest in teaching and learning. They do share in common an association with Eli Broad and Bill Gates and a commitment to destroy public education. Sadly their ambitions are fueled by the money and professional recognition that these “philanthropists” bestow on them when they follow their reform formula. Seattle Public Schools has fallen victim to one more Broad Graduate. Students, teachers, and families living in the Seattle Public School District are experiencing the devastating blow to public education that these corporatists are unleashing on our children and will continue unless the community demands evidence that is constructed by private corporate companies paid to lie.


  2. This link provides more information on the relationship between billionaires and school reform in Seattle.


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