Audited DCPS Enrollment Figures, 2007-2011

Thanks to Bill Turque’s column, I found the OSSE press release on official DCPS enrollment figures. They still weren’t very clear to me, so I made a little graph to try to see it more clearly. In my graph, I lumped together Kindergarten, Pre-K3 (which means pre-school with 3-year olds), and Pre-K4 (which you can probably figure out without my help). I also lumped together all of grades 1 – 5. So, here are my results:

Here’s what I notice:

One group, the one with children in Kindergarten and Pre-K, has been growing fairly steadily since 2008-9. Another group, the ungraded and adult students, has increased in the last year.

However, all of the other grades, 1 through 12, have been continuing to decline.


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  1. Thanks for the graph.

    Interesting to note that 6-8 dropped for both charters and DCPS from prior-year.

    Also, why did you put K with PK3 and PK4 instead of with 1-5?

    And when you lumped OSSE’s band for 4-5 (which had a gain, although very small) with 1-3 you were able to wipe out that gain. This allowed you to say, “All of the other grades, 1 through 12, have been continuing to decline.”


    • i just thought k and pre-k belonged together. perhaps i should have grouped them as you suggest. As you point out, any binning does hide some trends and reveals others.


      • Because K is mandatory and universal, it would seem to be more logical to group it with 1-5. PK3 and PK4, although more widely attended each year, are still space-available. Hence, they may have an artificial enrollment ceiling that does not accurately depict demand.


  2. Thanks for the graph. You’re the best Guy. ;–)


  3. […] Source: GF Brandenburg’s Blog […]


  4. Guy you should also look at how far into the year the audit occurs. If you remember that report I sent you before it shows children continue to enroll in DCPS throughout the year. Pushing back the audit creates an artificial increase, not because more children are enrolling but because you are counting after more children have enrolled.


  5. Just want you to know that I think you’re providing a great public service by maintaining this blog. I have learned much from your posts and the other blogs that you have linked to. Keep up the good work.


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