What Exactly is the ‘Status Quo’ in Education Today?

Excellent post by a parent in Seattle, Washington. A couple of excerpts:

“I do not support the status quo which makes celebrities and “super(wo)men” out of spotlight-seeking figures like Michelle Rhee, Michael Bloomberg, and Arne Duncan, while all the real work is being done quietly by the thousands of anonymous teachers, principals, educators, parents and students, who suffer through reform after reform, trend after trend, searing budget cuts, and still manage to go on and offer a good education to many children in this nation without any national recognition.”


“Public education is an integral ingredient in creating an informed public and a strong democracy. I believe we must keep our public schools free of private and political agendas and manipulations, strengthen our schools, not close them down, stop punishing and start nurturing.”

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  1. The author of this article has NAILED IT!! This is truly exciting!:) And I am taking it as my Manifesto–statement of grievances and what must be done as in the Declaration of Independence.
    Thanks so much!


  2. Let me add a point about the “good education to many children” to which the writer refers.

    In the 40 years since the “long-term NAEP” began, test scores are way up, in both reading and math, for black kids and Hispanic kids. (Scores for white kids are up too.) Ditto in the “Main NAEP,” which began around 1990.

    How many people have ever heard these incontrovertible facts? Instead, we constantly hear people, from Obama and even Bill Gates on down, saying or seeming to say the opposite.

    The disinformation has been astounding. How many teachers even know about the massive gains in test scores recorded during this era? Wouldn’t the landscape look very different to people who were dinally allowed to hear these basic facts?


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