End the Race to Nowhere

An article describing how some parents and children in Pennsylvania chose to opt out of No Corporation Left Behind.

A book describing how the testing industry doesn’t produce any information that is actually of any value.

A web page on organizing to change the mess education is in.

Latest issue of Rethinking Schools magazine. It also includes an article from which I am printing a few sentences, as follows:

“The corporate reformers’ larger goal, to borrow a phrase from the Democrats for Education Reform (DFER), a political lobby financed by hedge fund millionaires that is a chief architect of the current campaign, is to “burst the dam” that has historically protected public education and its $600 billion annual expenditures from unchecked commercial exploitation and privatization.

“This is not some secret conspiracy. It’s a multisided political campaign funded by wealthy financial interests like hedge fund superstar Whitney Tilson and rich private foundations like Gates, Broad, and Walton. And it’s important to keep this big picture in mind, even as we talk about specifics like merit pay and charters, because these issues are the dynamite charges being put in place to burst the dam.

“What is really new and alarming are the large strides that those promoting business models and market reforms have made in attaching their agenda to the urgent need of poor communities who have, in too many cases, been badly served by the current system.”


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