Let’s Push For a Federal Investigation of the DC-CAS Cheating Scandal

It’s time for a federal investigation of the cheating and erasure scandal in DC Public Schools under Michelle Rhee.

I am calling on the Federal Bureau of Investigation to subpoena every administrator and every teacher in every school in DCPS where there is any question of suspicious rises in scores and of illicit erasures. I don’t have any confidence in the current DC Inspector General’s office to follow through on such a thing.

I have heard now from two sources about actual names of people who were dragooned into helping erase answers and make their school administrations look good, but I wasn’t there, so I can’t testify. Those who were there should be compelled to testify, and, of course, underlings should be offered immunity in order to nail the real ringleaders. Meanwhile, those who were forced to alter answers and otherwise cheat, should be brave enough to come forward and talk to the media (any and all media, including bloggers…).

I am willing to start or join a petition campaign to this effect, unless someone has already beaten me to it.

We need to lay this whole myth of NCLB in its grave with a wooden stake through its heart, and to expose the corruption of the unholy Rhee-Henderson-Bush-Duncan regime once and for all.

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  1. are the dragooned people willing to stand up and take the heat?

    Meanwhile, we have the mayor saying to WUSA that he has “full confidence” in the Chancellor and pointing out that the DCPS investigation shows no evidence of cheating.


  2. If one educator comes forward as a whistleblower, others will follow.


  3. Tamron Hall should be credited with Rhee’s first tough interview. Again, Rhee double-speaks and misleads. She doesn’t tell the truth about how the “investigation” was narrowed. She blames Caveon and says “were those folks perfect?” Rhee’s hypocrisy shows through –


    • Thanks for the great link.
      I bet Rhee’s armpits were soaking by the end of that interview.


  4. I don’t know, but imagine that there could be teachers who took the prize, knowing they hadn’t earned it, to deflect the attention they would have received if they had turned down the money. A tough position to be in.

    My fear is that if some teachers like this don’t come forward on their own, they will instead be routed out and used as scapegoats – like the prison guards in abu grav were.

    Rhee’s recent quotes to the press indicate that this is her strategy – to find those “few” who may have abused the system. She’s also setting up Caveon – the company she hired to investigate the cheating (via teacher interview only). Henderson and the post ed board are on the bandwagon too, constantly repeated how DCPS hired their best investigation firm available and saying how “most” teachers never be dishonest, but there may be a “few.”

    Note that it’s never about anything DCPS admin might have done, even though they are in charge on the whole operation. Instead, it’s the teachers and the consultant, with Rhee and Henderson casting themselves as coming seekers of the truth.


  5. There needs to be a public but coordinated press conference, many people have evidence, that way it will get media attention, be hard to ignore and copies of all data should be distributed – it has to be public and it has to be done together as a group otherwise as others have said individuals will be singled out.


    • Excellent idea that some coordinated action(s) occur! If you have or know of other evidence out there, please either tell Guy who has done amazing investigative research over the years and most assuredly deserves a blogger’s Pulitzer. Or send an email to RheeFirst@gmail.com.


  6. I have felt for a long time that a federal investigation is warranted. A lot of tax money may have been fraudulently dispersed and both children and adults were hurt. Let’s hope something happens soon. Thanks again, Guy, for working so hard to see that justice is done.


  7. […] post originally appeared on the GFBrandenburg Blog, and was written by Guy […]


  8. Where is the Rheeform and Henderson Federal Investigation petition? I’m ready to sign my name.

    Enough is enough,
    Sheila H. Gill


  9. This is an hilarious and extremely creative and on-point video – Rhee the Reformer by Sabrina Stevens Seuss at http://www.thefrustratedteacher.com/search/label/michelle%20rhee


  10. In reviewing the DC documents regarding Caveon interviews who identified the interviewees? Why were interviews with principals and test coordinators redacted? Did interviewees know in advance that they were selected for the interview? Who informed them? How much advance warning did they have? Were they allowed to discuss this with others? Was the Union notified? Did principals select interviewees? Were interviewees provided with questions in advance? Was their any documentation of who handled the tests before and after with times and signatures? Who approved testing protocol. Did Rhee review or discuss testing protocol? Was there any analysis and disaggregation of students with high erasures? Was there an analysis of which questions were changed. Was there an analysis of tenure and experience of teachers whose students had high erasures? Did classroom teachers have access to the students answer sheets before they were turned into the district office. One interviewee mentioned cleaning up the tests before submitting? Were teachers encouraged to inform DO of irregularities and could concerns be anonymous? How many students were absent during testing in each of the schools? What percentage of student makeup tests had high erasures?


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