Email and other documents pertaining to DC’s Eraser-gate

This PDF document is long. But if you have the patience to wade through it, you will see that:

(a) there is no way in hell that these erasures were done by the students themselves; and

(b) Rhee and Henderson and company did everything they could to stall and stymie the investigation.

Here is the link:

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  1. GF:
    They should bring in students also. When I taught in New Orleans in 2003-2005 I know of teachers and staff who actually had students change answers. This worked in a couple of ways and students told me about it. In one case the teacher, or the person proctoring, just read out the correct answers.


  2. So what happens next? Henderson becomes head of the DC schools with this on her record? She needs to go the same way as Rhee.


  3. Not sure if you’ve seen this, but it is awsome:

    michelle rhee: a glossary

    Rheeism: a lie
    Rheeality: an existence devoid of facts
    Rheesist: to vigorously deny facts
    Rheespond: to answer a question with a lie
    Rheesult: an outcome obtained through questionable, unethical, illegal, or immoral means
    Rheerase: a strategy employed to raise test scores
    Rheerasure: the outcome as a rheesult of rheerasing.
    Rheeform: drastic change imposed by clueless people and unsupported by peer-reviewed research or facts
    Rheecommendation: a suggestion made by a highly unqualified person
    Rheesearch: a billionaire-funded investigation initiated to support a predetermined outcome
    Rheepeat: stating a lie over and over in an attempt to create a truth
    Rheetell: to change one’s story multiple times; back peddle
    Rheemove: to fire without cause; to fire and replace with cheap, unqualified labor
    Rheesign: to leave a job after 3 years
    Rheegurgitate: to spew out nonsense; usually done by education deformers
    Rheeap: to obtain employment, wealth or stature through the efforts and/or contributions of sugar daddy billionaires
    Rheetard: a devotee of Michelle Rhee; a member of the Michelle Rhee Fan Club


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