A Michelle Rhee Glossary

From “Outside the Box” blog, a definition of several new terms that educators, parents, and students have had to learn:


michelle rhee: a glossary

Rheeism:  a lie
Rheeality:  an existence devoid of facts
Rheesist: to vigorously deny facts
Rheespond: to answer a question with a lie
Rheesult:  an outcome obtained through questionable, unethical, illegal, or immoral means
Rheerase:  a strategy employed to raise test scores
Rheerasure:  the outcome as a rheesult of rheerasing.
Rheeform:  drastic change imposed by clueless people and unsupported by peer-reviewed research or facts
Rheecommendation:  a suggestion made by a highly unqualified person
Rheesearch:  a billionaire-funded investigation initiated to support a predetermined outcome
Rheepeat:  stating a lie over and over in an attempt to create a truth
Rheetell:  to change one’s story multiple times; back peddle
Rheemove:  to fire without cause; to fire and replace with cheap, unqualified labor
Rheesign:  to leave a job after 3 years
Rheegurgitate:  to spew out nonsense; usually done by education deformers
Rheeap:  to obtain employment, wealth or stature through the efforts and/or contributions of sugar daddy billionaires
Rheetard:  a devotee of Michelle Rhee; a member of the Michelle Rhee Fan Club

Thanks to McStowy for bringing this to my attention.

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  1. Guy:
    I’m loving this post. ;–) too funny.


  2. Very, very nice.

    How’s this one?

    Unrheedeemable: vicious, destructive actions taken in the name of corporate ed deform.


  3. I could add:

    Rheepeat: to lie again.
    Rheesume’: A page full of lies.


    • Opps, noticed Rheepeat was already there, and better than mine.


  4. Surely, “Rheetaliation” begs for definition.


  5. How about “Rheetaliation” consequences for speaking truth to lies.


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