A Petition To Sign

Please sign this petition, and get your friends, colleagues, and neighbors to sign it!

This petition asks for a full investigation of Rhee-Rasure-Gate and an end to high-stakes reliance on these stupid standardized tests. An excerpt:

“As educators and parents, we know that an obsessive emphasis on testing has taken over many school systems across the country — including ours.  The multiple high stakes now attached to these tests invite misuse and set the stage for scandal.  Students just below proficiency are pulled from content classes for weeks of test-prep.  Students in testing grades lose weeks of instructional time.

Teacher and principal bonuses and threats of firing raise the stakes, creating the wrong motivations for educators.

We are calling for the U.S. Department of Education’s Inspector General, and/or the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) to conduct a thorough investigation of testing irregularities in the District of Columbia over the past two years. […]

We further demand that the District of Columbia Public Schools impose a moratorium on practices that focus on the test and test prep rather than on teaching and learning. These include the following immediate steps:

• a moratorium on all high stakes attached to standardized student test scores;

• a moratorium on test-prep and student pull-out from their regular classes;

• suspension of all plans to expand standardized testing to additional grade levels and subjects;

• an end to cash bonuses and awards based on test scores;

• mid-course corrections to the District’s new, punitive teacher evaluation system (IMPACT);

• a new focus on support and accountability for great teaching and deep learning.”


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  1. Nicely put, but petitions don’t get much respect in these kinds of matters. We don’t know how to get attention. Look at the Mayor, yesterday. He thought by lying down in a Capitol Hill street he would get Congress’s attention. We will never overcome White House intransigence–and stupidity, even on issues such as public education–as long as we have a president who believes that he can give away the District’s right to pay for abortions with its own funds. He traded it with John Boehner, without even consulting us. Long story short, our issues here, including much bigger ones about education than teacher or principal test erasures, are receding into the rear spaces of the minds of politicians and the public. We need to pull up our socks and do things on our own. But look, we got a teachers union here that generously worked hard and gave money to V. Gray as candidate. This union also voted overwhelmingly for the current teachers contract. And now it believes Gray is against teachers (correcto, with respect to many issues) and the teachers want to disown their own contract. Unfortunately, teachers also seem to want to not be evaluated by any one in any way, or be held accountable for educating the kids in their classrooms. Time to re-form and re-think measures to improve DC public education and plan for the future. We can find endless fights in the past, and it looks like the WTU just loves to play in that sandbox.


  2. Be sure to check out lodesterre’s post on this topic:



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