You can find Bin Laden’s Compound on Google Earth

I found the coordinates of Bin Laden’s compound by comparing the image I found at the WSJ with the images on Google Earth and what I saw on WaPo and NYT.

So, if you want to see where this dangerous lunatic was hiding out in plain sight, here are the coordinates, which you can enter into Google Earth:

34 degrees, 10 minutes, 9.38 seconds north

73 degrees, 14 minutes, 32.88 seconds east.

( 340 10’ 9.38” N

730 14’ 32.88” E)

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  1. Not to unduly picky but if you want to be in the middle of the compound go to:

    34 degrees 10 minutes 08.86 seconds N
    73 degrees 14 minutes 31.52 seconds E

    The location above puts you in the field in front of the compound.


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