Rhee’s BAACK, pushing her DEFORMS of American Education!

Don’t Let Rhee, Scott Walker, and Their Buddies Get

Away With It!

Help protest in DC on Monday May 9, 2011!

Rhee and two of her evil, far-right governor buddies are going to be speaking here in Washington on Monday at an anti-public-education astro-turf organization funded by billionaires and other grifters  who want to further empower the ultra-rich in America and to steal from the middle class, the working class, and the very poor.

Yes, Michelle Rhee; union-busting and anti-democracy Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker; and rught-wing Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett; will all be in DC on Monday to speak to a pro-voucher, anti-public-education group called “American Federation for Children” that is funded by the same folks who paid for the ‘Tea Party’. We should not let these anti-democratic misleaders continue to operate with impunity. If we let their organizing continue without a raised voice of protest from us, then the press can continue to claim that the entire American public loves their brand of Education Deform. Which ain’t true!

For more information about what’s wrong with an innocent-sounding group named ‘American Federation for Children’, be sure to click here. And here. Also read this report, which I saved as a Google Document because the original website seemed to be acting weird.

The AFC is NOT a bunch of do-gooders. They really do want to end public funding for education, and what they are doing right now (working with other evil folks like Michelle Rhee) is just a means to get there.

Apparently, a bunch of parents, teachers, and other folks from Pennsylvania who are really unhappy with Corbett’s take on education are making a special effort to come to DC. So the least we residents of DC, MD and VA can do is to give our allies a good welcome and help to stop Billionaire-style Education Deform in its tracks.

From what I read, “Meet at the Washington Marriott (1221 22nd St. NW between M and N) on Monday (May 9th [2001]), time to be announced.” If you follow that link, you will find a way to contact one of the organizers (NOT me!).

Sounds like a good idea to me!

Let’s have teachers, parents, students  (those who belong to any of those categories right now or in the past) show up and speak out! Make and bring banners! Think of clever ways of getting your views across!

Plan with your friends, colleagues, relatives, fellow union members, or fellow-students how to show the world that these crooks and charlatans do not have the interest of the vast majority of American students (or parents, or teachers) at heart!

PS: You know that working people really DO need unions. They sure as @#$% ain’t perfect, but at least with a union structure that is independent of big business and the government, then we workers actually do have a way to organize ourselves together for our own interests, to speak out freely, and to communicate with our peers on our own terms. Otherwise, what do we have? Can a single working person afford to buy enough radio and TV and print ads to make a difference? (Heck no! That’s why only billionaires, corporations, and yes, Unions, can afford to do so.)

Can a single blogger make much of a difference? (perhaps a little, but a single writer is only as good as the folks he or she gets to actually get out on the streets and into the workplaces and courts and offices and demand change!)


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    • Rhee and her backers are like “Whack-a-Mole”, aren’t they? You hit them and the darned things pop up again!


      • I’ve heard the tactics of these right-wingers described as “flooding the end zone”. They won’t be happy until America is turned into a hereditary fascist theocracy with rights and education only for the wealthy.


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  4. Michelle Rhee is a national HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SCHOOL REFORM NOW!!!!!!! If you are not for school reform you are not for kids.


    • Rhee’s version of reform so far has all been based on lies and distortions.
      And the direction of those “reforms” are moving is most certainly NOT in the direction towards the education that Rhee herself received in her own fancy private school.


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