A Great Trailer for “The Inconvenient Truth Behind ‘Waiting for Superman'”

I strongly urge watching this trailer; apparently the very first screening of this movie occurred yesterday, May 21, 2011 at Riverside Church in Manhattan, NYC.

The movie, which I have not yet seen, apparently shows how the billionaires and Tea Party politicians behind the current corporate educational DEFORM movement in America are operating, and how what they are doing is causing untold damage to public education in America.

I have just made arrangements through PayPal to purchase a copy of the film (which is nicknamed ITBWFS) so that we can show it here in Washington, DC. Actually, it’s more like making a donation; mine was $75.00. When it arrives, I will try to arrange for a bunch of public viewings.

A website where you can read about it and order your own copy is here:


and the trailer is here:


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  1. Here is a blog entry by the fellow who brought the film to my attention:


    • I’d watch out for that Goldenberg fellow: he seems like a real Red agitator to me.


      Michelle Rhee


  2. Great clip, but it’s a testimonial, not a trailer — a trailer shows clips from the movie. this does not – it shows a bunch of people who left the theatre saying nice things about the movie — which I am anxious to see.


  3. Thanks, Brandenburg–great find! I’m looking forward to seeing the film here in DC asap. Please let me know any way I can help.


  4. My expectations are low, as for any polemic on this subject. I expect it to be an alls-well-no-need-to-change-trust-me-for-I-am-an-educator kind of film. I will skip it.


  5. Must be great to be a closed-minded person with such low opinion of teachers. And you wouldn’t want to risk anything that would cause you cognitive dissonance, I’m sure. By all means, remain in ignorance. The film remains excellent regardless of your uninformed, biased viewpoint. Should you see it and have something useful to say based on what’s in the movie, I’m sure we’ll all be enlightened by your insights, but until then, I’d just as soon live without your b.s. You likely would approve of people who attacked THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST and picketed its showing without ever seeing it.


  6. We can help publicize a showing. And we can offer to have free erasuregate erasers to give away (“Don’t erase. Investigate”.


  7. […] The following post originally appeared on Guy Brandenburg’s blog. […]


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