Some Recent Videos On Michelle Rhee’s Legacy in DC from Leigh Dingerson

Hart Middle School Intervention (about 6 minutes):

Hardy Middle School Consolidation (about 7 minutes):

Teacher Voices on various topics (each between 2-3 minutes)

DC’s new teacher evaluation system, “IMPACT” :  

Teaching to the Test:

Teacher Churn as a Human Capital Strategy:

Silencing Teacher Voices:

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  2. Thank God someone finally has the courage to speak out against the travesty the Ms. Rhee foisted on the DC community in the name of “reform.” These brave parents and teachers should be commended for their courage to speak out and kudos to Leigh Dingerson and her colleagues for continuing to help us see that the “spin” on Rhee was a media fabrication. The real voices of DC schools deserve to be heard.


  3. Thanks for posting this truly illuminating series of videos, and kudos to all of those who spoke out.

    How long will it take to rectify the damage done to this school and these children?


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