Another Good Thing from de Gubbmint

I am really glad that the Federal, State, and City governments in the US (and in other countries) have parks and recreation centers.

With my family, both as a kid, and as a father and husband later on, I’ve visited quite a few US national and state parks. Many of them are absolute wonders of the world, and many are merely local treasures. Long may they continue and prosper! It’s great that the US has so many! There are few other countries that come anywhere near what we have!

And here in DC, if it wasn’t for the fact that the DC Chevy Chase Community Center allows us to have room, I and my astronomy club wouldn’t have a place to keep all of our various tools and materials> With those tools, and with that space, I am able to volunteer my time twice a week to help others to learn how to make and use various types of telescopes. If we had no such place, then all of those materials and all of those hand and power and machine tools (lathes, drills, vacuum chambers) we have accumulated would have long ago landed in a dumpster or would have been hauled off for scrap. And it’s really great to have such a helpful staff there, as well! What’s more, the center also hosts ballet classes, theatrical productions, weekly duplicate bridge tournaments and scrabble games, day care networks, and group and individual sessions in karate, juggling and music classes of many sorts. Not to mention classes in pottery, painting, glasswork. Oh, and it hosts community discussions, forums, and votes.

Not having that would be sad indeed.

Yay for my local, state*, and federal gummints at work!



* Yes, I am fully aware that DC isn’t a state, but is rather a ward of Congress. I didn’t say our government does everything right. Once there was a time that state and federal laws enforced slavery throughout the Union. Fortunately, those times are over, but it didn’t happen without a struggle…

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