Ex-Noyes Principal Wayne Ryan Abruptly Resigns

Bill Turque of WaPo reports that DCPS Instructional Superintendent Wayne Ryan has abruptly resigned, with no reason given. Quoting Turque: “the former principal at Noyes Education Campus who drew acclaim from DCPS for dramatic test score gains and then investigative scrutiny for suspicious levels of answer sheet erasures [at his former school], has resigned.”

I can imagine a very plausible reason. How about you?

I am taking the liberty of reprinting the entirety of Bill Turque’s most recent article, below. I will also point you to one of Jay Mathews’ articles, asking what is going on with the investigation into Rheerasure-gate.

If you honestly believe that Wayne Ryan is merely taking a sudden interest in “looking forward to the opportunity to pursue new options and old interests” then you might be interested in purchasing a nice bridge across the Potomac River at bargain-basement prices.

I have highlighted a few passages. Let me remind you that several DCPS teachers and counsellors have already been fired for allegedly helping students with answers and other similar offenses during the 2010 testing session. I was afraid that DCPS would stop the investigation there, after having fired a few low-level employees as scapegoats, and declare the entire investigation over.

Is the can of worms finally beginning to open?

Will it become general knowledge that here in DC, as in Houston, TX, New York City, and in Atlanta, GA, much of the gains on state standardized tests were the result of gaming and trickery?

Will the mainstream press finally admit that the direction in which the Billionaire Educational Deformers are pushing our public school system is totally misguided?


Posted at 02:38 PM ET, 06/20/2011

Ex-Noyes principal Wayne Ryan resigns


Instructional superintendent Wayne Ryan, the former principal at Noyes Education Campus who drew acclaim from DCPS for dramatic test score gains and then investigative scrutiny for suspicious levels of answer sheet erasures, has resigned.

In an e-mail to colleagues Friday evening, Ryan did not specify a reason for his departure, effective Monday. [does that mean yesterday, 6/20/2011?]

“I am looking forward to the opportunity to pursue new options and old interests,” he said. He also thanked Acting Chancellor Kaya Henderson for “many years of support, encouragement and friendship.”

Ryan became a literal poster boy for D.C. school reform under former Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee after DC CAS scores spiked dramatically at Noyes from 2007 to 2009. The District ran principal recruitment ads with his picture asking “Are you the next Wayne Ryan?” Rhee promoted Ryan in 2010 to instructional superintendent, where he supervised a group of principals.

But a USA Today investigation published in March found an extraordinarily high rate of erasures on answer sheets in which wrong answers were changed to correct answers [in particular, at Noyes].The newspaper reported that on the 2009 DC CAS reading test, seventh-graders in one classroom averaged 12.7 wrong-to-right erasures per student on answer sheets. The citywide average that year was less than one.

Henderson asked the D.C. inspector general to investigate USA Today’s research, which found that classrooms in more than 100 D.C. public schools had elevated erasure rates at least once since 2008.

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  1. Yes – I think its all starting to come out – thus the phony survey in today’s post.

    Hey, Guy – how about you contact the kaiser family foundation and ask for their original survey questions and cross tabs. Most surey frims will publish those along with their survey.




  2. Yes, I think the information is finally becoming known. Many people might think it’s trivial, but these fake scores are being used to discredit our schools and the teachers who serve our least advantaged students.

    Thank you, Guy, for helping this come about. You are a good example of “the power of one.”


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