The 2011 Math Baccalaureat Exam for Mathy Types

If you want to feel stupid, take a look at the first two questions on the current (2011) French Math baccalauret exam for kids who specialize in the sciences, including math. Some of this I can answer, because I’ve taught it, but most of question 2 is going to cause me to work pretty hard to solve — and it’s multiple-choice! (I guess I lied when I said that foreign countries never use multiple-choice questions. I guess I should amend that to something like “they use multiple-choice questions very sparingly”.)

If it’s any consolation, this year, it appears that students will only have to receive a score of 9 out of 20 (that is, 45%) in order to pass. Don’t believe me? Take a look at today’s Le Monde. (a French newspaper) Also, it appears that somebody managed to electronically circulate one out of the four questions on the mathematics baccalaureat; as a result, that question wasn’t graded.

BTW: there are different versions of the bac for different geographical areas, such as metropolitan France, North America, Madagascar, Far East, and so on.

Here’s one of this year’s math baccalaureat tests:

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  1. Excuse me, but isn’t the answer to exrcise 2.4 the ray that starts at A and points directly downwards? Am I missing something obvious here?


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