Will the DC-CAS scores be released tomorrow?

I read somewhere that the DC-CAS scores are actually “in”, so to speak, but are being massaged at the school level. Supposedly they will be released to the public on tomorrow, July 1.

However, knowing all the tricks and games that have been played by various staff members and administrators at many schools, it’s hard to hold much confidence in what the results will indicate. I will look at them, however, when they are released.

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  1. As of today my Principal can’t see them. Just FYI, met with her today on other issues and asked about this.


    • I still can’t see them on the OSSE site either.


  2. OSSE’s update re: test security (released in May) says “By July 1, OSSE will share the DC CAS results with LEAs and ask that LEAS share the results with parents by July 15th. Final DC CAS results will be posted by August 1.” Hmmm… I want to see them!


  3. The thing to look for are the scores for Hardy, Shaw and Johnson Middle Schools.


  4. Whether or not the scores are in, posting them at the beginning of July would be quite early compared to the last couple of years. I do recall DCPS used to announce when the scores would be released – and in 2009 that they would be delayed – which conveniently allowed PBS to include false “preliminary” scores for Shaw in a documentary aired in August, after the scores were out, but filmed in July, when DCPS knew very well that Shaw’s scores declined. http://learningmatters.tv/blog/on-pbs-newshour/michelle-rhee-in-washington-episode-10-testing-michelle-rhee/2476/

    What does it mean that principals don’t know the 2011 scores yet? Strange – DCPS doesn’t trust principals with the info? But principals have to make firing decisions based on value-added scores – so perhaps they are getting limited info about which new teachers now have 2 years of minimally effective because of value-added scores, based on poor DC-CAS outcomes.

    One thing – if the scores are released over the 4th of July week-end, we’ll know they are so bad that DCPS is releasing them when fewer citizens and journalists are paying attention.


    • efavorite, don’t forget that Jason Kamras wants to give teachers a little extra time.


      • Time to do what? Worry about what nonsensical result his cockamamie mathemagical black box will come up with? Gfb


  5. Sorry Guy.
    I was thinking of this article:
    Some teachers more ‘minimally effective’ than others?

    “It now appears that some teachers — most likely younger ones — will get a reprieve from the two-strikes-and-out rule established in 2009. Earlier this week, human capital chief and IMPACT architect Jason Kamras told principals that if they had young teachers with promise who were headed for a second poor evaluation, they could apply for exceptions.

    “We recognize that in some cases, a principal might want to retain a second-year teacher who has received minimally effective ratings in each of his or her first two years of teaching but has demonstrated improvement and the potential to become an effective teacher in the following year,” Kamras said.

    “You know your teachers best, so we would like your recommendation on whether a new teacher in your building should receive an exception. If you would like to retain such an individual, please write a letter explaining why this individual should receive an exception to the separation policy.”

    Kamras said in an e-mail Friday that there is “a sound, research-based justification” for exceptions.


  6. Hi Guy,

    Can you help me find the 2011 CAS results? i just got my Windows operating system replaced sans bookmarks, and after a lot of googling can’t find the database. BTW I have started a modest blog, innercityvisions.blogspot.com, stories mostly from teaching in Anacostia.


    • Search for OSSE NCLB DCPS .
      Then use the various drop-down menus.


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