Summary of Atlanta Public Schools Findings on Massive Cheating

Here is a summary of what the Atlanta investigation found.


Thanks to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution for this.

Here is the  text of the overview of the report. I put in bold-face a couple of sentences.

Thousands of school children were harmed by widespread cheating in the Atlanta Public School System (APS). ln 30 schools, educators confessed to cheating. We found cheating on the 2009 Criterion-Referenced Competency Test (CRCT) in 44 of the 56 schools we examined, and uncovered organized and systemic misconduct within the district a s far back as 200l. Superintendent Beverly Hall and her senior staff knew, or should have known, that cheating and other offenses were occurring. Many of the accolades, and much of the praise, received by APS over the last decade were ill-gotten.

We identified 178 educators as being involved in cheating. Of these, 82 confessed. Thirty-eight of the 178 were principals, from tvvo-thirds of the schools we examined. The 2009 erasure analysis suggests that there were far more educators involved in cheating, and other improper conduct, than we were able to establish sufficiently to identify by name in this report.

A culture of fear and a conspiracy of silence infected this school system, and kept many teachers from speaking freely about misconduct. From the onset of this investigation, we were confronted by a pattern of interference by top APS leadership in our attempt to gather evidence. These actions delayed the completion of this inquiry and hindered the truth–seeking process.

(Here is the source)
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  1. What do you suppose it will take to get our mayor Gray to come out as forcefully as the Atlanta mayor has?


  2. The Atlanta investigative reports appear quite exhaustive. Don’t expect the DC IG to come up with much.

    All the vested interests–Rhee-lite Henderson, Gray et al. would prefer that ErasureGate quietly disappear into the ether.


    • All the more reason for local concerned citizens to keep up the pressure to have this matter fully investigated and for the results to be widely publicized.

      In reading a recent article about the CEO of Baltimore’s schools, he has made it abundantly clear that anyone caught cheating will be dealt with swiftly. Of course, he does have a school board to which he is accountable. Perhaps that makes a difference.


      • Can citizens demand a thorough investigation? I hope someone finds out.


  3. DC folks have been so apathetic. See who signed the petition calling for a federal investigation (i.e. a true investigation) of Rhee’s erasuregate.

    If we want to change this, please act–start something or join up with an existing action-oriented group.

    Guy, any suggestions? Send your readers toward action


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