Betrayals and Hollowing-Out

Interesting posts from “Grassroots Education Movement” in NYC: I emphasized a paragraph that I think is particularly apt.


“The institutional mass and velocity, the money and the political  juice, behind charter schools are so powerful that all but the most courageous elected or appointed officials – Bill Perkins, Charles Barron, Tony Avella, Patrick Sullivan – are unable to resist it.

Wouldn’t you just love to be a fly on the wall when these pols (Di Blasio, Jeffries, et. al.) get their, “Listen here, sonny, this is how it’s going to be…” lecture?

Or as John Huston’s (homicidal, incestuous, scheming) character says to Jack Nicholson in “Chinatown” (as he’s delving into the dark heart of the water/real estate expropriations in early 20th century LA):
“You may think you know what you’re getting into, but believe me, you don’t.”

Yes, they must all get that little talking to.

The country has been stripped of its productive capacity, and with it the ability to produce legitimate – full-time, paying a living wage,  with health and pension benefits – employment. With the hollowing out of the economy, public education budgets are one of the Final   
Frontiers for privatizing, monetizing (and ultimately stripping and looting) assets, formerly public assets that were under community and democratic control, however imperfect. And in order to complete this postmodern Enclosure Movement, the teachers must be broken as a force to defend public education. Thus, the school closings and reorganizations, and charter invasions, and cascading demands for bullshit accountability busywork, all intended to keep the workforce off-balance, ever on the defensive, and increasingly demoralized. 

Props to Mona and Julie.

Michael Fiorillo

On Jul 22, 2011, at 3:27 PM, Julie Cavanagh wrote:

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> From: Mona Davids <>
> Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2011 18:27:58
> To: <>
> Subject: New York City Parents Union Sounds Off Against Assemblymember
> Hakeem Jeffries


> July 22, 2011

> Contact:
> Mona Davids, (917) 340-8987

> New York City Parents Union Sounds Off Against Charter School
> Industry’s Political Influence Through Money
> Hakeem Jeffries:  Another politician, another flip-flop

> The New York City Parents Union is sounding the alarm against
> ambitious politicians seeking money from the charter school
> industry.  A few days ago, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio decided
> that co-locating charter schools with public schools was acceptable
> — after standing with parents to oppose a co-location.  It is
> rumored that Mr. de Blasio wants to live in Gracie Mansion.

> Now, a Daily News opinion piece has been co-authored by New York
> State Assemblymember Hakeem Jeffries regarding the co-location of
> charter schools and it has left the New York City Parents Union and
> parents in Mr. Jeffries’ 57th Assembly District puzzled and very
> concerned.  It is rumored that Mr. Jeffries would like to go to
> Washington.

> Mr. Jeffries’ support of the charter industry’s attacks on the
> public school parents, NAACP and the United Federation of Teachers
> lawsuit for challenging school closures and charter co-locations
> comes as a surprise, since Mr. Jeffries recently made impassioned
> remarks against a school closing and a co-location just this past
> February.

> At a meeting of the Department of Education’s Panel for Education
> Policy (PEP) on February 3, Assemblymember Jeffries opposed the
> closing of Middle School 571 and the co-location of a charter school
> within Public School 9 — where MS 571 was already located.  Mr.
> Jeffries testified:  <>
> “Many of our schools remain separate and unequal”.  At that time,
> parents and community members were impressed and grateful.

> Specifically, in calling for a “time-out” for the Department of
> Education, Mr. Jeffries said: <
> >   “The Department of Education needs to be put on time out…They
> have refused to hear our voices, the school closure policy of the
> Department of Education is out of control. <…
> > ”

> In a March NY Daily News interview, Mr. Jeffries said:  <…
> >  “The Department of Education has been on a school closure binge
> for the last several years without any meaningful evidence that this
> policy benefits students.”

> The NYC Parents Union and local parents are wondering what has
> happened to Mr. Jeffries and to Mr. de Blasio.  Mr. de Blasio is
> clearly desperate for campaign funds in pursuit of the Mayoralty and
> is hoping to hook big donors in the charter school field.  It would
> be most unfortunate if Mr. Jeffries thinks that his road to Congress
> needs to be paved with gold from the charter school money players
> hotlist <>  rather than
> with votes from the people in his Assembly District.

> The NYC Parents Union is keeping score of politicians’ behaviors and
> positions.  All elected officials will be held accountable if they
> choose to abandon their previous commitment to quality public
> education for all children.

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  1. Mostly just scary as hell, I’d say.


  2. And may I add another quote from Chinatown “The future, Mr. Gittes…the future”

    That is what the charter school ed deformers want-the future, a wasteland of automatons who can follow orders and never, ever question their betters.


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