“Shock Doctrine” and the Shakedown of the Republic

I no longer care whether it’s going to be the Democratic proposal or the Republican proposal on raising the debt ceiling.

All of the plans that I’ve seen are going to be horrible for anybody in the middle class, in the working class, the unemployed, the poor, minorities, and so on.

These schemes will be wonderful for the wealthy, because they get to keep their mostly-untaxed billions. Nay, unto him who already hath way too much, even more shall be given. Yet from ye who have but little, much will be taken away. To sound a bit King James-y.

Social Security will be cut. Medicare will be cut. Any and all programs that actually benefit working people, the unemployed, the poor, and middle-class people, will be cut. Subsidies and tax breaks for large corporations and banks? They will live long and prosper.

I will not be surprised to see this package even containing specific legislation de-certifying most existing American labor unions, while the wealthy get to rewrite all the rules for their own advantage.

And, meanwhile, the enormous excesses of three (or is it four? or five?) major wars will drain our national, collective purse, while unemployment remains at crisis levels, families are evicted from their homes, the public schools that serve the middle class and the poor are reduced to shadows of what they should be.

Naomi Klein wrote a book called “Shock Doctrine” which explains how ruling classes (made up of a tiny handful of billionaires along with their bought-and-paid for politicians and theorists) get away with utterly horrendous, reactionary social change that enriches the super-rich.

It’s simple: they declare a national emergency (like the recent international financial meltdown or this current threat to default on the US national debt) and scare the public so much that we can’t think straight.

However, the billionaire bankers, industrialists, and their fawning politicians HAVE been thinking well ahead of events. They have a plan to increase their plunder of the economy, while making life nearly untenable the rest of us – literally hundreds of millions of Americans whose pensions, schools, health systems, wages, job security, and social services of all kinds will be slashed to the bone and then even further, until the bone is cut all the way through.

She also calls it Disaster Capitalism.

So, as I said, who cares if it’s Reid’s plan or McConnell’s plan or a straight-up Tea Party plan? None of them raise any taxes on the rich. Instead, every single plan, as I see it, will be used to subsidize the rich by cutting TRILLIONS of dollars from everybody else.

The only question will be, exactly how bad will it be?


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  1. Democran/Republicrat: two sides of the same coin. Too many Americans believe that their interests are in line with moneyed/corporate interests. Where is the outrage? It’s directed at public servants, and greedy/lazy union members that have been gouging the poor cities, states, and corporations. Pay no attention to the capitalist/hedge fund manager/banker behind the curtain.


  2. The rich and the ruling class know not what they do.


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