A couple of graphs on DCPS and DC Charter School Populations

A few preliminary results from the yesterday’s released DC-CAS data:

(1) The very fast rise in the charter-school population in DC seems to have nearly stopped at about 36% of the entire publicly-funded school population that is counted by DC-CAS.

(2) The population of DC public schools seems to be going up a little bit, BUT

(3) Most of that rise seems to be in the 10th grade, and we know for a fact that administrators “game” the 10th grade tests by sometimes holding students back in the 9th grade until they appear to be ready to pass the 10th grade; or else, they sometimes skip them over the 10th grade completely so they don’t have to take the test.

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  1. what do you mean skip over the 10th grade entirely? Do they go from 9th (twice) to 11th?

    If so, seems like a kid who needs 10th grade, isn’t getting it.

    Please explain


  2. another case of adult interests before children’s interests


    • I just came to the same conclusion. The students don’t care about the tests. There are no real consequences for them. The only ones concerned are the adults, who end up perverting the students’ education by running test prep academies in the name of ‘Rheeform’. That’s what Rhee appears to have done in Baltimore, and what she thinks all teachers should do. I am astonished at some of the apparently excellent, competent teachers that Rhee and Henderson have fired.


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