Percentages of Students ‘Passing’ the DC-CAS are Mostly Flat

The next two graphs show that despite all the huge DCPS drive to base all instruction and evaluation on the idiotic DC-CAS standardized tests, their strategy is basically not working. Percentages of students who score ‘Proficient’ or Advanced’ in reading are about the same as they were in the year 2008, down a couple of percentage points from their relative high in 2009. In math, the fraction of students ‘passing’ the chosen standardized test is the same as last year, but lower than it was in 2003.

The charter schools showed what seems to me to be a significant rise for 2011 in math only. I wonder how that happened.

So, of all the initiatives of Michelle Rhee, none have worked.

(1) Paying middle-school students to come to school? A total flop that was quietly abandoned.

(2) Paying, firing, or retaining teachers based on random fluctuations in their students’ scores? A joke, if you look at these results.

(3) Firing teachers based on whether they suck up to their principal and follow an extremely rigid teaching scenario? Ditto.

(4) Merit pay? Ditto.

Here are the graphs and tables. The first one is for math.

The next one is for reading.

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  2. (1) Paying middle-school students to come to school? A total flop that was quietly abandoned.

    Oh, so that’s why Whitmire didn’t write about it or want to talk about it.


    • Actually Whitmire even denied it was one of Rhee’s initiatives at all. I cannot stomach reading his book for more than a few seconds at a time. It makes me nauseous. He is nothing more than a paid flack for the Educational Deformers of this world.


      • He did?
        I missed that.
        I guess that wasn’t her (or Fenty) in front of Hardy to announce Capital Gains.


      • He said that at the P&P fest.


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