And now for the 5th grade in DCPS and the charter schools: again, mostly flat after 4 years of Rhee-form

I could use almost the exact same text for the fifth grade (here) as for the fourth grade (previous post).

There is a very small upward trend in this graph, but I frankly don’t see it as significant.

Again, a regular public school system that is gaining more non-Black students in the fifth grade, but not so in the charter schools.



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  1. Guy,
    After you go through each grade, you should apply the “VAM” method to Rhee.
    That is, look at students as they go through the system
    Eg 2008 Grade 3
    2009 Grade 4
    2010 grade 5
    2011 Grade 6.
    Yeah, I know I could do it.
    But you’re retired with all that free time.


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