Even more on 3rd grade DC-CAS ‘pass’ rates

I present to you the DC-CAS ‘pass’ rates for 3rd graders in the charter schools:

And here is the graph and data for 3rd grade African-American, non-Hispanic students in DCPS only:

If you compare the regular DC public schools’ pass rates with those of the charter schools (see yesterday’s post as well) you will notice that the regular public schools had higher pass rates than the charter schools did, in 2008 and 2009. However, today, the situation is reversed, after 2 full years of Rhee-Henderson-Gates-style Educational Deform.

The drop in math and reading pass rates for 3rd grade Black DCPS students is rather alarming, in fact.

I also present a graph and table showing what fraction of the 3rd grade is composed of Black, non-Hispanic students in both the charter schools and the regular DC public schools. You can see that the percentage of black students in the charter schools is considerably higher in the charter schools than in the regular public schools. In addition, the fraction of students who are black in the regular public schools has gone down by about 10 percentage points: from 79% (about four-fifths) to 69% (a bit more than two-thirds).

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  1. Perhaps the new rallying call for DCPS reform will be

    “Maybe it has to get worse before it gets better!”


    • I used to keep hoping that DCPS had finally reached rock bottom and had nowhere to go but up. And I kept getting that hope proven wrong.


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