Fourth-Grade DC-CAS Scores Show That Neither the Charter Schools or the Regular Public Schools are Really Succeeding

If you look at the following graphs that detail the composition and pass rates of the fourth grade class over the past four years, you will see that despite all the propaganda and endless test-preparation, neither the regular public schools under IMPACT and Value-Added Measurements, nor the charter schools, have made much progress.

This first graph shows that the percentage of all fourth-grade students in DCPS who are passing the DC-CAS is basically unchanged or down slightly after years of Rhee-form.

This next graph looks at the same data among the charter schools. Again, not much change over time.

Now let’s look at the pass rates among African-American students in both groups of schools. First, for the regular public schools, who are suffering under IMPACT and constant test-prep:

Looks to me like the drop here has been fairly significant.

Next, the same data for the charter schools, who are suffering under whatever cockamamie philosophy the founder of the school or chain has come up with:

Again, flat or down.

Now let’s look at the ethnic/racial composition of the fourth-grade classes in the regular public and in the charter schools over time. The next graph and table gives the percentage of the fourth-grade class that is made up of what they term non-Hispanic blacks:

Once again, we see that the fraction of black students in regular DC public schools is dropping, from 81% (a bit over four-fifths) to 73% (a bit under three-fourths). In the charter schools, the percentage of black students is remaining in the high 80s; no significant change there.

As I’ve indicated earlier in a number of posts, this shows that the charter schools here in DC are even more segregated than the regular public schools, which is hard to imagine being possible. This pattern repeats itself in other cities as well.

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