Pass rates among black, charter-school, 3rd graders in DC

Once you look at this data, you see that neither the charter schools nor the regular public schools seem to be doing a great job in getting black third-graders to perform well on whatever it is that is on the DC-CAS.

And of course, that’s one of my complaints: the DC-CAS, like all of the other standardized tests that I have looked at, sucks. It doesn’t measure much of anything except for your family’s wealth and education levels.



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  1. If there is some urgency in the message it is due to the current reform efforts that are based on a radical re-invention of education now spearheaded by a psychometric blitzkrieg of metastasizing testing aimed at dismantling a public education system that took almost 200 years to build………………………………………………………………………… And even though Gates like to talk about the scandalous 50 percent rate of minority high school completion across the nation if Gatess KIPP solution were to replace public schools that completion rate would be much much lower.


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