Should Math Be Taught In Schools?

Answers from Miss America contestants here on whether the subject of mathematics should be taught in schools. Only Miss Vermont, at the end, gave an affirmative answer. (PS – it’s a joke)

You may have already seen the responses by these geniuses on whether evolution should be taught in schools:

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  1. hahahahahahaha can’t stop laughing


  2. I believe evolutions should be eaten in schools. If people don’t have they knowledge, how they gonna multiply these facts? Answer this then, I suppose.


    • Thems is goodern anser thin what dem chicks say.

      Actually, I don’t know any women who sound so stupid. I know it was a put-up edit job, changing the word “evolution” to “math” but, still.
      Nothing in biology makes any sense except in light of the Theory of evolution. The thing is to uncover exactly how those evolutionary pathways were traveled.


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