A Revolt of the Principals Against Misuse of Metastasizing Standardized Tests

Yes, that’s right. Education professors in New York State are following the lead of a bunch of New York State Principals in protesting against the way that the billionaire educational DEform ‘mafia’ are using standardized tests to deform and degrade public education in America.

Principals and professors in revolt!

No kidding!

You can read the professors’ manifesto here:

or here: http://www.schoolsmatter.info/2011/12/call-for-action-educators-unite.html?mid=548

A quote:


As public educators committed to democratic principles, we are charged to:

    Advocate for authentic reform initiatives that support public education to ensure PK-12 students develop the critical thinking and process skills necessary to become informed citizens capable of supporting an effective democracy,

    And, in support of this goal, resist, and support resistance of, forces that seek to connect standardized testing to teacher evaluation.

The current political climate is marked by powerful attacks on public institutions, including schools, colleges, universities and public employee unions. These attacks are dangerous because public education is an essential component of an effective democracy: for citizens to self-govern, they must be able to engage in the process of recreating society in meaningful, intentional ways.

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