Some Graphs and Tables from the 2011 NAEP TUDA in Math

It is amazing how segregated our urban public school systems are, as you can see in these two graphs from this year’s NAEP TUDA. And Washington, DC is even more segregated than the majority of other cities.

As evidence, I present two graphs that I cut and pasted from the TUDA report, which is a large PDF document.

Here is what I notice from this data:

  1. DCPS appears to be almost tied with Cleveland as having the fewest students. That’s partly because roughly 40% of the publicly-funded students in DC have gone to the charter schools.
  2. Like other large cities, DCPS is highly segregated and has a much lower proportion of white students than the nation as a whole. In all public schools in the nation, about 52% to 54% of the students are white, according to these tables. However, in all large American urban public school systems, only 20% of the students are white. And in DC, it’s 11% white at the 4th grade, dropping to only 6% by the eighth grade.
  3. At the fourth grade level, seven other school systems listed have lower percentages of white students than DCPS does. But by the eighth grade, only Dallas and Detroit public school systems appear to have lower percentages of white students than DCPS. So, by 8th grade, DC is #3 in its segregation!
  4. DCPS does NOT seem to stand out from other cities in its fraction of students who are poor, have disabilities, or who are learning English as a second language.
  5. Recall that not every fourth grader or eighth grader in the nation takes the NAEP — various versions and sections of the test are given to a sample of students. However, in DCPS, it appears that the NAEP testers have decreed that a larger fraction of the students in those grade levels actually take the NAEP than in any other city. In the fourth grade, about 47% of all students take the NAEP this past spring, and in the 8th grade, around 65% did.
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  1. Interesting the different percentages of whites taking the reading vs. the math test. Also the difference in special needs population.


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