Summary of What I Learned from the 2011 NAEP TUDA report

Here is the quick summary:

I have a couple of blog entries on the 2011 TUDA. 
Major conclusions:
  • DCPS is **not*  last in every single category, in fact it’s number one in most measures of disparity of scores between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’. (ie whites vs blacks, whites vs hispanics, poor vs non-poor) Only Atlanta comes close.
  • DCPS leadership under Rhee et al has witnessed this gap grow wider not smaller
  • Other trends have not changed much: eg gains in math (but not as much from 2009 to 2011 as it was in prior years) and flat or declining in reading
  • In other words, the miracles that were supposed to happen from the following magical, faith-based educational deforms, haven’t happened. And won’t.

Here is the Educational Deformers’ creed:

  1. Eliminate all public input into public education by dismantling school boards and instituting mayoral control;
  2. Introduce “competition” between public and charter schools;
  3. Replace trained, veteran teachers with untrained teachers who don’t plan to stay;
  4. Make test scores the be-all and end-all of public education;
  5. Attack public-sector employees and their unions both rhetorically and in the legislative arena;
  6. Pretend that teachers will only begin teaching if they have monetary bonuses dangled in front of them, ignoring their heartfelt desires to do as much as they possibly can for their students;
  7. Pretend that parental backgrounds and student behavior don’t matter at all, and that an untrained, upper-class, smart newby teacher can raise his or her classes from the 20th to the 90th percentile just by working hard.

We can see from this report that none of the miracles that were promised have happened. 

When will the editorial boards of major news organizations figure this out?

When will the billionaires funding the current educational Deform movement stop funding all of these Astroturf organizations like Michelle Rhee’s StudentsFirst?

When will the black and hispanic and working class parents arise and demand actual control of their school boards and of their local school systems, and demand that actual experienced professionals who have studied educational methods be put in charge of our schools, and stop trying to reduce education to bubbled-in answers to stupid, stupid tests?

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  1. Good work, guy — I’ve been surveying national media stories on the TUDA results and so far find that none (CNN, AP, SLATE, CSM) have mentioned the unfulfilled miracle of DCPS that the nation has been swooning over ever since Michelle Rhee arrived here in 2007.

    I guess it wasn’t about the kids after all.


  2. […] How did DC do on NAEP?… […]


  3. I wouldn’t look to the editorial boards of major newspapers figuring this out, because I think they either have bought into the deformers’ perspective, or because the newspapers’ owners will not let them print the truth.


    • Right. I was thinking about the same thing. However, at some point it will become massively obvious to everytbody that the current path of educational DEform is a total waste of time.
      Kind of like everybody giving up on Prohibition in 1932.


  4. I agree with Anne. Same goes for her funders, who no matter what atrocities are uncovered, will continue to fund her because she advances a right wing, union-busting and privitization agenda.


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