Read the leaflet for which the author got thrown out of a hotel today. (not kidding)

You can read the leaflet that got me thrown out of a hotel today.

Problems with Using Data GIGO 2

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  1. Congratulations. It’s a great leaflet. How many were you able to distribute?


    • Mayabe a few dozen or score. That’s all. Plus, there weren’t really all that many attendees that i could see.


  2. Enough to make you want to chew your leg off !


    • Why would anybody want to do that unless it was stuck under an immovable object?
      I don’t see the current educational DEform movement as immovable. It’s going to be stopped. Just a question of when and how.
      So, no need to gnaw off legs. Just need to get organized and to mobilize educators.
      And to chastise those willing to sell out for a few tens of thousands of dollars.


  3. Parents, community members, and taxpayers are getting the info.


  4. […] argument to the theme of the day. This in spite of the fact he offered to stop distributing a leaflet discussing “data quality and information about some of the speakers” when approached by […]


  5. […] on my own blog at and… ( or at and ) […]


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