So much for freedom of speech…

…  if it goes against the agenda of the ultra-rich and their acolytes, one might somehow suspect.

There I was, in a neatly pressed and clean suit and tie, having registered early on-line. I had still had my registration documents (not much) and was holding some pieces of paper, just like many others there. The problem is that I was giving some of those papers out.

At a conference on data quality.

What is this world coming to?

I was giving out a leaflet discussing — data quality and information about some of the speakers. Not positive towards a couple of the speakers, to be accurate. Someone in the conference administration asked me to give up the leaflets, which I declined to do. Soon I was talking to security officers, who told me that I was not allowed to be in the hotel, at the specific request of the tenant — that is, the “Data Quality Campaign” management.

Guess that someone over there reads my blog pretty carefully? Just wonderful … wish I didn’t have readers like that.

Let me also point out that DCQ is a Gates-funded group. Arne Duncan, and Michelle Rhee are both on the agenda of this conference today as speakers… I have been highly critical of them and have given the press and the public access to a lot of data that I could only find by pretty hard searching myself, and that most likely, most other people wouldn’t have found out on their own. Data which shows that the goals and methods and conclusions of this Gates/Duncan/Rhee group are all mistaken at best or perhaps malign.

Nobody beat me up or anything, but I was only able to give out a dozen or so leaflets while I was standing near the front of the auditorium, just outside the Kinko’s where I had my leaflets copied. (Most expensive Kinko’s I’ve ever been to! DAAG! 20 cents per page, per side!) So these things I was giving away were worth forty cents each, plus tax. Man, I was being generous! (Or that’s what I should have said, but didn’t think of saying at the time.)

I wasn’t interested in getting into a shoving match or being picked up or arrested.

So I walked outside and gave out a few there and went home and then wrote this.


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  1. Let me add that it was really cold and windy in DC today – 1-18-2010. Even in the sunlight. So cold that I had to leave after the conference began. I didn’t see large numbers of folks coming in to the convention, but that doesn’t mean much, because many others could have come in by other ways… or not. It didn’t look to crowded. A few folks took one look at it and refused. I guess they are true believers in the Way of Gates & Rhee? Maybe just for now.


  2. Heard about during the live-tweet. Didn’t know it was you! Awesome!!!


  3. I applaud you. We need more smart people with guts!


    • Thanks for the kind words. I wish I was a lot smarter and a lot gutsier. But I’m not.


  4. The is a tightly PR controlled love fest. If it were honest, there would be no hesitation to include views that bring constructive elements. Save those expensive handouts, there will be more opportunities and perhaps amongst those who really need the information. I suggest getting this into the hands of more parents, community members, and taxpayers.


  5. I was there. It was a big room and the tables in front seemed pretty full, but the rows of seats in the back were largely empty.

    A lot of people left before it was over. No one checked tickets, so anyone could have come in.


    • Except for me. Obviously, I was a marked man! (laughing, but kinda serious too)


  6. Thanks for showing up. Glad to have found your blog. Passing on your message through ours:

    Keep up the good work.


    • Thanks for the kind words.
      I know we won’t get paid to do it, but those if us who disagree with the current top-down-driven trends in deforming our educational system should definitely show up and try to be heard at venues like this.
      It’s quite telling that they permit no dissent whatsoever.


      • I’m with Gretchen, this warrants a little push you’re in the Grumpy Educators Column




  8. We need more brave people like you. I’m impressed and very happy we still have people who are not afraid to speak up, even at the risk of being thrown out of PUBLIC and OPEN meetings by Queen Rhee, Master Duncan, and their cronies. Good for you for revealing their true intentions, not their alleged ones of wanting to “listen” and “get feedback”… clearly the only feedback they want is that which agrees with them.


  9. I applaud your efforts to strengthen data availability and a generally empirical approach to diagnosing what ails public schools and then fixing them. While u may sometimes pour a little gasoline on the fire, that is OK. Just be sure not to get burned.


  10. Bravo Gary! Glad you have the time, patience and the wherewithal to dig for “real” data to let everyone know the real story of DCPS. What they are doing today-would have been indictable back in the day and would have appeared in the pages of the Post. But when they have the support of the Post and the regular news and radio stations are oblivious…then they have a free reign.Maybe the Council will investigate one of these days when they finish investigating each other. After all, they seemed to, along with Mayor Gray have received a free pass. And for some bizarre reason have yet to be accountable for their abolishment of the Board of Education and allowing mayoral control of the schools at Fenty’s behest.


    • Thanks for the kind words.
      How’d you like to stand up and be counted at the next rally or protest or whatever?

      (BTW it’s “Guy”, not “Gary”.)


  11. […] (or ) and by myself on my own blog at […]


  12. I find it interesting IN THE FIRST PLACE that the secretary of education was at a data event with a chancellor who is supposedly being investigated (by the USED) for DC’s erasuregate. Uh huh. I See and smell a rat.

    Glad you were there- I guess we should stayed tuned for more nullification of the facts aka COVER UP!

    NorthEast Parents Unite and take back the schools!


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