Someone’s comments about Ron Paul

I hope I can be forgiven for reposting this, but I thought it was excellent and it didn’t seem like the author would mind if I did so. It’s by someone with a handle Eliza something, as you can see below.


  • Just look at Ron Paul –

    He’s a racist endorsed by WHITE POWER KKK groups because he wants to repeal the Civil Rights Act (Think hard Libertarians – Can you figure out how this is racist?)

    For the record, he also wants to privatize public education, abolish SS, kill Medicare, re-establish DADT, eliminate public housing, abolish federal student loans, kill Planned Parenthood, end the Departments of Energy and Education and the EPA, abolish the minimum wage, end affirmative action (RACIST!) disagrees with equal pay for women, wants to end FEMA, believes in mixing religion w/government & would allow fundamentalist Christians to control the government, the very people who would end the personal liberties he claims to fight for.

    Ron Paul is a dangerous individual who’d destroy every good thing liberals have fought hard to gain over the last 100 years.


    Are you going to open your doors & let the millions of elderly affected by the end of SS live with you? Or the medicare recipients unable to get healthcare? Will you make your home hospices for them?

    Or the millions of homeless because Paul eliminated public housing? Do you have any gay friends you want to tell they have to go back into the closet again on voting day?

    How are you going to tell your kids they needs to hang up their dreams of ever going to college ‘cuz crazy uncle kook ended federal loans? They’re going to have to take a minimum wage job instead & god forbid there is sexual harassment happening there ‘cuz crazy uncle kook would tell your daughter to suck it up or quit!

    Oh wait! Did I say minimum wage??? I mean LESS THAN THAT ‘cuz crazy uncle kook is getting rid of that too! The top 1% Job creators will pay you pennies & you’ll like it! Maybe he’ll institute NEWT’S TOILET SCRUBBING 101 to his agenda & she’ll be lucky enough to get a taste of hard labor in grade school!

    Are you going to tell your kids they can’t go to the park or beach anymore because it’s polluted beyond repair since crazy uncle kook dissolved the EPA & gave private corps concerned with profit only FREE REIGN over our environment? And god forbid there is a natural disaster from those increased hurricanes Global warming is causing (which the GOP denies across the board) because uncle kook is getting rid of FEMA aid too! Are you gonna open your doors to all the poor people struck by these casualties too?

    Finally, one of my favorites, god forbid your daughter is ever the victim of rape or incest – or an unwanted pregnancy of any kind, are you going to tell her that she doesn’t have the basic rights over her own uterus any more? Even if her personal health is at risk if she carries the baby because crazy uncle kook signed the ‘PLEDGE’ (along with the rest of the GOP) that would deny her right to an abortion?


    These are the things that would happen to americans across the country if crazy conspiracy theorist, racist Ron were made President

    “Defender of the constitution” – but NOT the poor, sick, needy, minorities or women. That’s some selling point! In a nutshell, the GOP Republican TeaBagger ideology is –


    That’s NOT the way civilized society behaves, Sorry.
    Our liberal founding fathers disagree with this “PATRIOT” POSER

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  • Elisa Vote Dem Velez


    “The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only legitimate object of good government.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

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  1. I think Ron Paul needs to start showing him self in contrast with Obama if he wants to win.


  2. The Paulbots are coming the Paulbots are coming, everyone run before they argue with your facts for 6 months straight…!


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