Great Comment on Rhee’s Incompetence

Wow, this comment says it all. Wish I’d written it:


Rhee was chosen and pushed by backers who wanted a neophyte incompetent. The focus should be on who they are and why they did that. It wasn’t even remotely evident that Rhee had any experience, education or competence in what she was tasked to do. Nobody could have expected her to succeed at anything, simply because she had no capability of succeeding. It was obvious from the beginning she was in way over her head and flailing, but her backers were insistent on her continuing to wreck the DC school system. It was also obvious that she had P.R. backing and greased introductions who took advantage of naive reporters like Jay Mathews. So you have done an excellent job of demonstrating the obvious facts that Rhee was incompetent from the beginning, a fraud from the beginning, and had no business being put in the position she was foisted into. The real question is who was behind this and what was the real purpose of drafting her into role.

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  1. Absolutely. Districts now leaving state-receivership are being inundated with private charters. Let’s follow the trail


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