Another Look at DCPS enrollment versus the Charter Schools

This little graph I made allows you to contrast and compare what is happening in the overall enrollment in the regular DC public schools with that in the “public” charter schools. It’s a stacked bar graph, so you can see the two quantities at the same time on the same graph. Your eyes are pretty good at finding trends. What do you see?

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  1. I signed up for this blog after reading about Mr. Brandenburg being thrown out of a meeting on education. It seems, however, that the blog serves only as a means for the choir to exchange their views. If anyone is handing out flyers (containing similar messages) at Arne Duncan meetings and needs some help, please call on me. For us to change education’s dismal drift we have to do a lot more than labor the obvious. Students have become money cows and we have to chase the likes of McGraw Hill, et al, away.


  2. Any data on whether the racial composition of the teaching staff has changed?


    • I bet it has indeed become whiter, but unfortunately I don’t have any data yet.


  3. […] Washington DC in the 20th century. In that time, the charter school enrollment in DC has climbed to nearly equal the enrollment in traditional public […]


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