Teacher Ken: Should I Campaign or Vote for Obama, After All He’s Done Wrong to Education?

TeacherKen is probably one of the most thoughtful bloggers on education today.

He is telling the Obama campaign that he’s had enough. Read it here:


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  1. I actually, I did not say that in the piece in question. I asked why I or any other teacher should, given many of the policies of his Department of Education


  2. funny, I just left similar comments on the Obama contributer site https://my.barackobama.com/page/s/supporting-the-president-in-2012

    after receiving an email from the campaign ‘noticing” that I had not contributed yet and inviting me to give my reasons.

    We should all do this.


  3. I got a phone call today from the DNC (I think). I told them that:

    (1) I think that most of the Obama administration’s educational policies are utterly horrible; in this, I echoed many of Teacher Ken’s complaints;

    (2) I think that the Republican presidential field is so despicable that Obama cannot possibly lose in 2012;

    (3) Only if my prediction on #2 is wrong will I end up campaigning or donating funds to the DNC.

    The person I spoke to said he had never heard any such complaints, but he listened intently. He said he could not disagree with me on most of my points, but he did say that without a Democratic congress, Obama wouldn’t be able to do very much.


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