People Need to Send Ms. Wysocki Flowers

 Congratulations for Having Some Guts!

People need to send Ms. Wysocki cards and flowers to congratulate her for her bravery in standing up and agreeing to have her story told.
I found the school address and phone number, and after asking, was told that private citizens are indeed allowed to do so.
She teaches at Hybla Valley Elementary School, as reported by Bill Turque in the article.
The address of the school is 3415 Lockheed Boulevard, Alexandria, VA, 22306, and the school phone number is 703-718-7000.
There are a couple of florist shops not far away:
Sun Flower Florist and The Virginia Florist.


Or you could use a different florist entirely.

No proposals of marriage, though. That would be tacky.

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  1. Creative, motivating and fired? But that’s the way it spozed to be!

    I see that that book, by James Herndon, is back in print, and it’s rather a classic. Plot: young teacher gets a job in middle school in my hometown of Oakland, in a mostly non-White school. 100% is mostly, right? He does things in an odd way, and his kids learn to read, and on the last day of school his classes are the only ones that don’t riot and throw things out the window, defying the traditions of the school. Of course, his contract isn’t renewed, and the failure to riot shows that he wasn’t disciplining them. Yes, there were Republicans in the 1950s, too.


  2. I’d suggest edible arrangements. A nice bouquet of chocolate dipped strawberries would be appropriate.


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